ABB 24 Channel Paperless Chart Recorder


The ABB ScreenMaster RVG200

We have recently installed an ABB paperless chart recorder for a company who manufacture food packaging products. The machine laminates three substrates from friction braked centre unwinds, through heated rollers and nips then to a turretting centre rewind.

The machine has six 0-10V analogue load cell tension zones, five temperature thermocouples, two 0-10V pressure sensors and two 0-10V speed sensing inputs.

The recorder also has alarm outputs to warn if any of the 15 channels is out of range.

Importantly, this recorder archives the data to an onboard SD card and via the customers intranet for realtime viewing at the engineers desks and also copies the data to the companies servers.

The data can be viewed historically using the datamanager software as well as on the device itself.

Batches can be recorded and mathematical functions applied to any number of channels too.

Data can be recorded simultaneously at a slow rate and high rate to allow detailed drilling down to high speed data.

The ABB ScreenMaster RVG200 is a secure, easy-to-use paperless recorder.

Up to 24 process signals can be connected directly to the RVG200’s analog inputs or transferred to it via digital communications.

All process data, including alarm conditions, math calculation results and totalizer values, are displayed clearly to the operator and archived securely in an encrypted format for review using the accompanying DataManager Pro PC application.

A touch screen featuring swipe gesture control provides fast and intuitive operation. USB connections further simplify operation by enabling peripherals (for example, a keyboard, mouse or barcode scanner) to be attached.

High security data recording

  • Encrypted data storage compliant to 21 CFR Part 11
  • Up to 2 GB of internal memory

Simple, intuitive operation

  • Touch screen operation and configuration
  • USB connections for keyboard and barcode scanner

Easy network integration

  • Standard Ethernet communications provide remote data access, process supervision and easy integration to control systems
  • RS485 Modbus RTU master and slave

Complete data recording solution

  • Automatic data collection via Ethernet combined with powerful data analysis using DataManager Pro

Built to survive

  • IP66 and NEMA 4X environmental protection

Scalable high specification I/O

  • High accuracy and stability compliant to AMS2750
  • Recording of up to 24 channels
  • Optional relays, mA outputs and Tx PSU

Advanced functionality

  • Math and logic
  • Batch recording
  • Flow totalisation

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