Over the many years of working with OEMs and users, we must have seen every application under the sun and often, what we learn crosses over to other seemingly non related machines and processes. Whilst the following list might not include your field, you can still draw on what we have learned and between us, we can give you any combination of improved speed, reliability, usability, quality and future proofing. We have worked on:-Centre and surface driven unwinds and rewinds. In combinations of loadcell, dancer, open loop and in speed or torque control.We have wound and or unwound paper, film, woven and non woven textiles, foil, wire and cable, laminations, metals,rubber and plastic and newspaper machines.Web transport in speed, torque, draw and position using loadcells, dancers, ultrasonics and loops in all the materials listed above.

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Business Forms


Coating and Laminating

coating line

Cut to length for business forms, boxmaking, food packaging and metal rings.

Robotics for pipe pick and place, palletizing and injection moulders for plastic bottles (PET).


Index position control for printing press impression.

codbens press

Laminators for wine box inserts.


Extruders for plastics, rubber, food and metals.

Rubber mixers for the tyre industry.

Sectional drives for paper making.

Test rigs for engines, monopumps, aircraft and seals.

Pumps for hospital heating and waste.

Conveyors for all types of materials handling.

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