Carbon Fibre Tape Wrapping Machine

This machine is for a company that manufacture carbon fibre fishing rods

We started with a blank sheet of paper with the requirement to wrap typically, 12 mm wide pre-impegnated Carbon Fibre Tape around a tapered mandrel at a fixed tension and with a set lay pitch of say 10 mm. This is a glorifeid centre lathe for large diameter mandrels or a set of support rollers are fitted to support thin mandrels that would otherwise bend if simply held between the chuck and a tailstock. The tape head is a torque controlled unwind with loadcell tension feedback.

The laypitch is controlled with Trio motion controller and the operator sets the lay and tension via an HMI.

The machine can also apply polypropolene tape at higher tensions to put a final layer of this film to constrain the carbon fibre tape prior to curing the product on an oven.



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